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Friday, February 5, 2010

Tea Party Conservative Candidates for Office In Oklahoma

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Over the last year, a new dynamic in politics has begun. Starting on February 27, 2009 with the first "Tea Parties", a populist revolt against the "status quo", and Pseudo-Conservative, "NeoCons", spread like a Grassfire through the "Grassroots" conservative movement.

Now, one year later, the Republican Party still doesn't get it! They are still trying to ram Mushy Moderate RINOs down our throats, as "Conservative" candidates.
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! It is Time to STAND UP! and STAND TOGETHER! We MUST oppose these so-called "Big Tent" Republicans! We MUST support the TRUE CONSTITUTIONALIST, CONSERVATIVE Candidates across the State of Oklahoma!

To that end, I have compiled a list of the Tea Party Conservative Candidates running for office in Oklahoma. Each of these candidates faces an uphill battle against a GOP Machine-Backed Candidate, who has the big money support. But, like Marco Rubio, in Florida, and JD Hayworth in Arizona, they can win! They just need the support of the REAL Grassroots from across the state, and across this great nation!

I have listed 8 candidates here. There may be more, that I am unaware of at this time. If you know of any, please post their name, and website in the comments section, and I will add them to the list.

Also, if you can, please donate just $10 to each of these candidates. Each one of us, doing a small part, will add up to a HUGE effort. Scott Brown, who just won the Massachusetts Senatorial race, got MOST of his donations from small individual donations. His campaign is proof of what the Grassroots can do when we work together!

Conservative Candidates for Office In Oklahoma

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