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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Best Argument Against 3rd Parties, That I Have Seen!

I received this in an email today, and it is the best argument against 3rd parties, and what to do about the RINOs in the GOP!

Third Parties Don’t Work In America
Mark Metzger
There seems to be a lot of talk in the media about Tea Party protesters forming a third party, and that it would beat the Republican Party in a recent generic poll. Of course, the in-the-bag mainstream media want conservatives to believe that. Why? Because if a Tea Party splits the vote, the Democrats win in a year when they should get slaughtered at the ballot box!

Third parties do not work in the United States - never have, never will. The reason is simple - because the system is designed for two parties with opposing viewpoints, such that a fair centrist consensus is reached. Do you know how many active “Third Parties” there are in the USA today? Over one hundred between local, state and national parties. Here are just a few that had candidates in recent elections, and just to prove my point, all of their candidates in national elections lost: America First Party, America’s Independent Party, Boston Tea Party, Independence Party of America, Moderate Party, Modern Whig Party, Marijuana Party, Objectivist Party, Party for Socialism and Liberation, Reform Party of the United States of America, Socialist Equality Party, Socialist Party USA, Socialist Workers Party, Unity Party of America, and the Worker’s World Party. Don’t forget The Communist Party, The Conservative Party, The Green Party, and The Libertarian Party - the parties one hears about most often.

Each of these parties, plus dozens more not listed, were formed to elicit a particular point of view. They are unsuccessful because ultimately they do not represent the mainstream ideal. While a Tea Party is certainly more mainstream than most of the aforementioned, it would most likely split the Republican vote and cause the very people that need to be voted out (the liberal Democrats) to win and continue their assault on our liberty. Third parties only work in a parliamentary system, where two or more parties can join together to form a majority. We see this effectively used in Israel and the United Kingdom, for example. But we will never see it here!

Instead, the Tea Partiers need to use their clout to “conservatize” the Republican Party, starting with the Republican primaries for the 2010 elections. This was done effectively by Ronald Reagan for the 1980 election, and led ultimately to two decades of prosperity, whose successes the liberal socialist Democrats are trying desperately to destroy. Conservatizing the party can be accomplished by having Tea Party leaders examine the voting records of all Republican candidates in each local, state, national congressional and senate race. Once key candidates are identified as aligned with the basic Tea Party principals, Tea Party supporters should vote as a block and get these deserving candidates their respective nominations. Next, have each new Republican nominee sign onto a list of core conservative principles that they pledge to support throughout their political careers. If they get distracted from this pledge, they will know they won’t be around long enough to do any damage. For a conservative platform for these candidates, see my previous blogs, Republican Party Platform Parts I, II, and III.

The Third Party always starts well, but ends badly. Let’s use our heads, and not our hearts alone, to turn the Republican Party into a principled, conservative engine to take back our liberties and leave the liberals asking themselves - “What Happened?”

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