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Friday, February 19, 2010

Chris Benge Holding Up Property Tax Cap Bills

We can't even go one day anymore without Oklahoma Speaker of the House, Chris Benge, showing off his RINO hide!

We have another action item for you today!

February 18, 2010

YOUR immediate help needed today

introduced in Oklahoma Legislature

HJR 1001 and HJR5

Oklahoma Speaker of the House, Chris Benge, has chosen to play “politics” and is ‘holding up’ the above listed bills

500 calls needed Thursday
500 calls needed Monday

Tell Speaker Benge that you want HJR 1001 and HJR 5 to proceed to a full floor vote and allowed to be voted on by the people of Oklahoma in November.

1-405-557-7340 or 1-800-522-8502

Cap on property taxes would be limited to 3% (still allows an annual increase in your tax rate) and could FREEZE senior citizens tax rate from future increases.

Currently counties levy 5% on homeowners taxes.

Tell your County Commissioners NOT to lobby against YOU or you vote them out of office in November.

IF you agree you are being taxed out of your home – then MAKE THE CALLS.

Thanks for moving our roadblock to common sense legislation.

Carol Helm

Rumor has it that Mr Benge is considering a run against our current Tulsa County Commissioner, Ken Yazel, who has fought long and hard to keep our property taxes from going up, anymore.

Well, we can all see what kind of County Commissioner Chris Benge will be! The Tea Party needs to make a stand, and let him know that we will do everything within our power to keep him from EVER holding office in Oklahoma, again!

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