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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fried Chicken Dinner is Racist!?!? � Musings of an American "Everyman"

Fried Chicken Dinner is Racist!?!? Musings of an American "Everyman"

Pictures from the Tea Party Express III in Tulsa! � Musings of an American "Everyman"

Pictures from the Tea Party Express III in Tulsa! Musings of an American "Everyman"

Poll: If the Oklahoma Governor's Election were held today, who would you vote for?

Poll: If the Oklahoma Governor's Election were held today, who would you vote for?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Blog Has Moved!

I have moved my blog "The Musings of an American Everyman" to

Please go there, for all of my latest posts!

Thank you,

Jai Blevins

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Glenn Beck & Alex Jones are Two Sides of the Same Coin!

Ok, I KNOW that title will get everyone's attention, and, most likely, really make a lot of you angry! But, hear me out!

Both of them do the same things. They propogate their own personal conspiracy theories. Pounding them daily on their radio shows, and webpages. Backing them up with piles upon piles of "evidence". They are extremely convincing and persuasive. So much so, that each have developed their own, dedicated and loyal followings.

The other thing they both do, is attack any cospiracy theories that they aren't proponents of, especially if the other has championed it. Jones is a loud voice on the 9-11 truth conspiracy side, so Beck automatically attacks it. Beck is on the side if Israel against Iran, so Jones blasts it. Back and forth they go, with their listeners, more and more, opposing eachother over one issue or another, just because their guy said it.

It's a giant "cult of personality", and it's completely counter-productive to the liberty movement!

Now, both of these men are find of conspiracy theories, so I have one! I think both of them are working for the "powers that be" to distract and divide the Liberty movement, and cause us to turn on eachother!

Come on, Patriots, WAKE UP! Do your own digging! Don't just listen your favorite flavor of conspiracy, and close your eyes, ears, hearts, and minds, to the fact that there is more going on out there, and the only way to stop ALL of it, is to put aside our differences, focus on what we do agree on, and use it to take down the enemies of Freedom and Liberty!

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Chris Benge Holding Up Property Tax Cap Bills

We can't even go one day anymore without Oklahoma Speaker of the House, Chris Benge, showing off his RINO hide!

We have another action item for you today!

February 18, 2010

YOUR immediate help needed today

introduced in Oklahoma Legislature

HJR 1001 and HJR5

Oklahoma Speaker of the House, Chris Benge, has chosen to play “politics” and is ‘holding up’ the above listed bills

500 calls needed Thursday
500 calls needed Monday

Tell Speaker Benge that you want HJR 1001 and HJR 5 to proceed to a full floor vote and allowed to be voted on by the people of Oklahoma in November.

1-405-557-7340 or 1-800-522-8502

Cap on property taxes would be limited to 3% (still allows an annual increase in your tax rate) and could FREEZE senior citizens tax rate from future increases.

Currently counties levy 5% on homeowners taxes.

Tell your County Commissioners NOT to lobby against YOU or you vote them out of office in November.

IF you agree you are being taxed out of your home – then MAKE THE CALLS.

Thanks for moving our roadblock to common sense legislation.

Carol Helm

Rumor has it that Mr Benge is considering a run against our current Tulsa County Commissioner, Ken Yazel, who has fought long and hard to keep our property taxes from going up, anymore.

Well, we can all see what kind of County Commissioner Chris Benge will be! The Tea Party needs to make a stand, and let him know that we will do everything within our power to keep him from EVER holding office in Oklahoma, again!

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Democrats Calling Mary Fallin a Hypocrite on Stimulus Funds

The emblem of, the official site ...Image via Wikipedia

I received a very interesting email forwarded to me this morning. This is a Press Release from the Oklahoma Democrat Party!

Oklahoma Democratic Party For Immediate Release |
Contact: Karina Henderson, (405) 427-3366 | (405) 626-2574 (cell)
Recovery Act is one year old, but GOP hypocrisy and flip-flops are nothing new
Mary Fallin spends stimulus funds and praises programs she voted against
Oklahoma City, OK - While the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) has delivered needed funds to Oklahoma’s economy, many of the state's GOP delegation - including Congresswoman Mary Fallin - have taken credit for and praised initiatives they voted against.
"Though Rep. Fallin vehemently opposed the ARRA, she has used it to try to score political points in her district," stated Todd Goodman, chair of the Oklahoma Democratic Party. "She has said the ARRA was the 'wrong stimulus,' but apparently she thinks that spending that money for earmarks somehow makes things right. "It's incredible how much Washington-style political maneuvering Mary Fallin has picked up in her short time in Congress."
Fallin voted against the ARRA, which will infuse a total of $2.6 billion into Oklahoma's economy. Over the past year, she has stated that the stimulus is "unlikely to stimulate much beyond more debt" and that it "was not the right answer to stimulate our economy." However, Fallin earmarked $1.3 million for buses in her district and $285,000 to fund a Native American museum. She also asked a Pentagon official to use $8.4 million of the funds to repair National Guard buildings in Oklahoma. "Many times Fallin criticized the stimulus for not creating jobs, but behind closed doors she pushed for money to be spent on projects that would not directly boost employment," Goodman said.
He noted that Fallin, who is running for Governor, "is asking for Oklahomans to trust her to lead our state - but we can't even trust that her actions will match her words."
Goodman added that Fallin even appears confused as to whether or not to say that the stimulus has created jobs. On December 2, 2009, Fallin took part in a GOP press conference and repeatedly demanded, "Where are the jobs?" the ARRA was designed to create. However, only eight days later, she praised Oklahoma officials for their efficiency in "getting the stimulus money out the door and creating jobs" in Oklahoma. [See video at
] "I'm glad that she found the jobs that the stimulus has created because it has made a real difference to Oklahomans who want to get to work," said Goodman.
Fallin's website touts that she has "worked to support a variety of initiatives improving veterans' services," including "[t]he economic stimulus package that sent rebate checks to 250,000 disabled veterans." However, Fallin opposed the 2009 economic stimulus package when it came through Congress. That measure, like the one Fallin voted for in 2008, secured additional tax rebate checks for millions of seniors - including struggling disabled veterans. "Apparently voting to help our veterans only once in a while is good enough for Mary Fallin," Goodman noted. "I don't think most Oklahomans would agree with her on that." Overall, Goodman stated that the ARRA has been good for Oklahoma's economy and Oklahoma families. "This has been a year of many great successes for this program, and we're really starting to turn things around nationally," he said. "I just wish that elected officials like Mary Fallin could drop the politics long enough to focus on the bill's positive effects."
- 30 - Paid for by Oklahoma Democratic Party Oklahoma Democratic Party 4100 N. Lincoln Blvd. Oklahoma City, OK 73105 Forward this message to a friend

Even the Liberal Democrats who run the Oklahoma Democrat Party can see Mary's obvious hypocrisy, and lack of real leadership!


The Democrats are licking their chops for an opportunity to face a Stimulus hypocrite, who "voted against it", and then immediately started working to "get our fair share" of the tainted Federal Bailout Money!

If the Republican Party allows Mary Fallin to win the nomination, we will be looking at another 4 years of a Democrat Governor!

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

UPDATE!!!! -- Mary Fallin Campaign Obtaining Your Cell Phone # Through Deception

{{w|Mary Fallin}}, member of the United States...Image via Wikipedia

I had planned to write a blogpost today, detailing the specific campaign violations involved in this incident. However, I have been advised to contact the Oklahoma Ethics Commission, and the Attorney General's office, before going fully public. I am currently awaiting a call back from the Ethics Commission, for the steps needed to file an official complaint, for what they said sounded like a "very deceptive practice".

I was looking at Mary Fallin's Campaign Tweets, when I came across this one

Text "BECK" to 68683 and you'll be entered 2 win a pair of tickets 2 see Glenn #Beck LIVE in Tulsa. (Standard text messaging rates apply)

So, I did, and received this reply

Good luck, and thanks for entering! You've also been added to Fallin 4 Governor mobile club. rply STOP GOMARY 2 optout. stdrd txt rts apply.

I don't have a problem with her campaign having a giveaway, in order to elicit a larger response. I do, however, have a problem with her campaign being sneaky about obtaining my info!

Does anyone else have a problem with this?

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State House Trying To Add Another Toll Road to I-44 in Tulsa

600 mm by 600 mm (24 in by 24 in) Interstate s...Image via Wikipedia

Our "conservative" Republican Speaker of the House, here in Oklahoma, Chris Benge, has introduced a piece of legislation that should have everyone in the Tulsa area seeing RED!"

Speaker Benge has introduced into committee, HB 3220, which creates a new Turnpike in Tulsa. Here are the details of this bill:

Session of the 52nd Legislature

Bill No.: HB3220

Version: Introduced

Author: Speaker Benge

Date: 2/16/2010

Impact: Pending

Bill Summary

Research Analyst: Brad Wolgamott

The measure authorizes the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority to establish a new turnpike beginning at Interstate 44 near its intersection with 49th West Avenue, past State Highway 64/412, turning northeasterly, crossing 41st West Avenue, and continuing eastward to the L.L. Tisdale Expressway in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

It's time to call a spade a spade! Speaker Benge is a RINO, who has led a GOP Majority in the State House, down the road of a Liberal, Tax and Spend philosophy, which has been no better than the previous, Democrat-led, regime!

He had a Conservative Rating of just 40 for 2009 and a cumulative, Lifetime Rating of just 66! How can this man even call himself a Republican?! We need to let him know what we think of his record, and this bill!

Please, EVERYONE, call his office, 405-557-7430 and tell them that the Tea Party has Representative Benge in the Crosshairs, and unless he pulls this Bill, he will NEVER hold office, as a Republican, in the State of Oklahoma Again!

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Monday, February 15, 2010

2nd Amendment Rights Under Attack (Again.)

handgunImage by robertnelson via Flickr

Gun rights advocates have a California police detective in their crosshairs after he apparently posted comments on Facebook advocating that "open carry" supporters should be shot. - East Palo Alto PoliceDet. Rod Tuason apparently posted the remarks on his Facebook page in response to a friend's status update, which suggested that gun advocates who carry unloaded weapons openly — which is legal in California — should do so in places like "Oakland, Richmond and East Palo Alto" and not just in "hoity toity" cities.

In a disturbing story, from California, of course, a Police Detective in East Palo Alto, mad comments on a Facebook Friend's thread, about those who exercise their 2nd Amendment rights, and openly carry an UNLOADED handgun, in a holster. Detective Rod Tuason, posted this comment on Facebook "Haha we had one guy last week try to do it. He got proned out [laid face-down on the ground] and reminded where he was at and that turds will jack him for his gun in a heartbeat!"

He goes on to write "Sounds like you had someone practicing their 2nd amendment rights last night! Should've pulled the AR out and prone them all out! And if one of them makes a furtive movement … 2 weeks off!!!" -- referring to the modified duty, commonly known as desk duty, that typically follows any instance in which an officer is investigated for firing his weapon.

This is a Law-Enforcement officer advocating shooting citizens for exercising their rights, and FOLLOWING THE LAW, in doing so! If anyone thinks we're not already living in a "Police State", this story should at least give them pause! Law-abiding citizens, who choose to openly exercise their rights, are under attack at every turn! Coupled with last year's MIAC report, in which Missouri State Law Enforcement was told to look for symbols such as the Gadsden Flag, or Ron Paul for President Stickers, as signs of possible "domestic terrorists", and went on to name former members of the military, and gun rights advocates, as other "potentially dangerous" individuals, it is becoming clear that we can no longer fully rely on the Police to "protect and serve". It seems more and more likely that they view their jobs as to "enforce and constrain."

This is still America, but for how much longer? Liberty is under attack, and we must stand up, even in the face of "Law Enforcement", that is bent on controlling us! The time is rapidly approaching, when writing a post like this one, will be an imprisonable offense, unless we all unite, and make a stand at the ballot boxes, and we MUST start at the primaries in July!
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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Daily Tea Party News Commentary for 2/13/2010

The United States Capitol in Washington, D.C..Image via Wikipedia

Obama Making Plans to Use Executive Power - With much of his legislative agenda stalled in Congress, President Obama and his team are preparing an array of actions using his executive power to advance energy, environmental, fiscal and other domestic policy priorities.

During his campaign for the Presidency, Barack Obama, was extremely critical of both Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush's, penchant for being heavy handed with the use of the "Executive Order" hammer. However, now that his agenda is stalled, and his nominees being blocked, President Obama has begun using, or threatening to use, the Executive Order power.

There is no provision, for Executive Orders, in the Constitution, but Presidents have issued Executive Orders since 1789, citing the "executive powers" provision in Article II Sec. 1 Clause 1, and the phrase "take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed" made in Article II Sec 3 Clause 4, to justify their actions.
I can not criticize President Obama, specifically, for use of Executive Orders. My criticism lies in the use of these orders to circumvent Congress, and the Constitution. It seems that any time a President is unable to get the agenda he wants, he turns to the Executive Orders privilege to create new legislation, or to move legislation away from it's original intent. Obviously, President Obama is not unique in this method.

While not specifically prohibited, and even allowed, by precedent, it seems to me that the use of Executive Orders, goes against the "spirit" of the Constitution, which was to keep too much power from resting in one branch of the Government. Executive Orders, obviously override the Checks and Balances that were a basic tenet of our Representative Republic form of Government.

When will Americans stand up, and say "STOP!" This isn't right, and we must roll back the expansion of the power of the Executive Branch of the Government. No more Executive Orders, No More unconfirmed "Czars", no more skirting the Constitution!?

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Daily Tea Party News Commentary for 2/12/2010

Thomas Jefferson (1762, LL.D.Image via Wikipedia

Secession in the Air
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tea Party News Commentary for 2/11/2010

CHICAGO - APRIL 15: Demonstrators participate ...Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Poll finds most Americans are unhappy with government
- Two-thirds of Americans are "dissatisfied" or downright "angry" about the way the federal government is working, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. On average, the public estimates that 53 cents of every tax dollar they send to Washington is "wasted."

Is anyone surprised by this story? Unless you have been in a vegetative state, (i.e. only get your news from the Lame Stream, Least Coast & Worst Coast, Media) you know that the Tea Party Movement, and the 9-12 project, both started from the sparks of Fly-over country anger. People are upset, and frightened, at the rapid advancement of the Federal Government, into everyday control of personal and private sector interests, that were once considered "off-limits". The bulk of the media in America, has tried, very hard, to portray these Grassroots grassfires, as "astro-turf", or extremist and racist. However, this is either, a total misunderstanding of the movement, or an intentional attempt to undermine and divide, by the leftist media.

As many of you are aware, I was one of the first Tea Party organizers. Joining 53 other cities across the US on February 27, 2009, as a direct response to Rick Santelli's "Chicago Tea Party" rant on February 17th. These first Tea Parties, were truly "grassroots", with most of the organizers being just "average Joe Sixpack", having never been to a protest, let alone organized one. We had all just "had enough", and decided to do something about it.

Well, that sentiment has only grown, since then. The Federal Government, and our "representatives" in Congress have continued to ignore the wishes of the American people, and continued to grow the Federal Government, and spend HUGE sums of money, at an alarming rate! The people of the United States of America have awakened, rubbed the sleep out of our eyes, taken a look around, and said STOP!!!!!! This November, and in many cases, this July, the American people will speak at the polls, and say "the Status Quo has got to GO!"

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Interesting Race for Oklahoma's US House District 1

"Republican Party Elephant" logoImage via Wikipedia

The Tulsa County GOP Straw Poll results were released yesterday, and the numbers for US House District 1 are very interesting.

U.S. Congress District 1

John Sullivan 52.9%

Nathan Dahm 26.6

Fran Moghaddam 1.5

Undecided 13.3

Not My District 5.7

Now, at first glance, these numbers look really strong for the incumbent John Sullivan. The meeting could be perceived as hostile territory, considering the undercurrent amongst the grassroots, against him.

However, I disagree with the take that the numbers aren't bad for Sullivan. He has been campaigning HARD for the last month, and Nathan Dahm, the most conservative, Tea Party candidate, hasn't even really started. Most of those in attendance didn't even know that Sullivan was being challenged, prior to the event this past Saturday. That indicates to me, that, even with a HUGE name recognition advantage, and at least 10 volunteer staffers in attendance, Sullivan is having difficulty drawing support.

Also, these numbers show that he is vulnerable. Don't be surprised if several others jump into the race, now. Including, Scott Pruitt. I don't have anything solid on that, but I am hearing rumblings!

It should be an interesting race. And, at the very least, a lot less comfortable for John Sullivan than he though it would be a year ago!
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Monday, February 8, 2010

Randy Brogdon Wins Tulsa County GOP Straw Poll in a Landslide Over Mary Fallin!

"Republican Party Elephant" logoImage via Wikipedia

The results of Saturday's Straw Poll are in, and some very INTERESTING Results, indeed!

Now here is the information many people are waiting for. A straw poll results.

The following question was asked concerning the below listed races:

"If the election were held today, who would you vote for...."

U.S. Congress District 1

John Sullivan 52.9%

Nathan Dahm 26.6

Fran Moghaddam 1.5

Undecided 13.3

Not My District 5.7


Randy Brodgon 68.4%

Mary Fallin 23.6

Robert Hubbard 0.8

Undecided 7.2

Lt Governor

John Wright 35.7%

Todd Lamb 22.4

Undecided 41.8

Attorney General

Ryan Leonard 25.9%

Clark Jolley 7.6

Undecided 66.5

State Treasurer

Owen Laughlin 18.3%

Ken Miller 15.6

Undecided 66.2

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Janet Barresi 36.9%

Shawn Hime 6.1

Undecided 57.0

Commissioner of Labor

Tad Jones 18.6%

Jason Reese 11.4

Mark Costello 9.5

Mark Mullin 0.4

Undecided 60.1

State Senate District 34

Tim Coager 16.0%

Rick Brinkley 13.3

Undecided 17.1

Not My District 53.6

State Representative District 68

Howard Pidcock 11.4%

Glen Mulready 8.7

Undecided 20.5

Not My District 59.3

State Representative District 75

Dan Kirby 9.1%

Dennis Adkins 3.0

Undecided 20.9

Not My District 66.9

Tulsa Co. Commissioner District 3

Fred Perry 17.9%

Michael Masters 10.6

Undecided 24.3

Not My District 47.1

A full copy of the survey and straw poll will be posted on the Tulsa County Republican Party web site later this week.

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Tulsa County Republican Party Candidate Meeting - Recap

"Republican Party Elephant" logoImage via Wikipedia

This past Saturday Morning, "plugged-in" Tulsa County Republicans, converged on the Tulsa Technology Center to meet candidates for various offices up for election this year. With candidates ranging from Tulsa School Board hopefuls, to those seeking the GOP nomination for Governor.

It was interesting to note, the different responses each candidate received from the audience, as they were announced. Some well-known candidates, such as US Representative John Sullivan, despite having a fairly large group of volunteers present, received a very luke-warm reception, while some lesser-known candidates, like Nathan Dahm, who is challenging Sullivan for the District 1 nomination, received a VERY enthusiastic response. And, the loudest cheers, and applause, were for the State Senator from Owasso, Randy Brogdon, who is seeking the GOP nomination for Governor. His main opponent, US Representative, Mary Fallin, decided to skip this meeting, for a press event in Midwest City.

What do these disparate responses mean? Well, in my opinion, (for what it's worth), it means that the local Republicans who are most involved in the process this year, are also the same people who are involved with the strongly Conservative Tea Party movement. The Tea Party, as well as, the Glenn Beck inspired, 9-12 Project, have been working hard, over the past year, to educate, and encourage, disenchanted Conservatives, to get involved, again. Apparently, it is working! Each of the candidates who received strong support from the crowd, has a reputation as Strong, Constitutional Conservatives, who oppose the movement of the Republican Party towards the more "moderate middle" of the RNC.

A Straw Poll was also conducted, and I will update with the reults, as soon as they are in!
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Friday, February 5, 2010

Tea Party Conservative Candidates for Office In Oklahoma

State Seal of OklahomaImage via Wikipedia

Over the last year, a new dynamic in politics has begun. Starting on February 27, 2009 with the first "Tea Parties", a populist revolt against the "status quo", and Pseudo-Conservative, "NeoCons", spread like a Grassfire through the "Grassroots" conservative movement.

Now, one year later, the Republican Party still doesn't get it! They are still trying to ram Mushy Moderate RINOs down our throats, as "Conservative" candidates.
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! It is Time to STAND UP! and STAND TOGETHER! We MUST oppose these so-called "Big Tent" Republicans! We MUST support the TRUE CONSTITUTIONALIST, CONSERVATIVE Candidates across the State of Oklahoma!

To that end, I have compiled a list of the Tea Party Conservative Candidates running for office in Oklahoma. Each of these candidates faces an uphill battle against a GOP Machine-Backed Candidate, who has the big money support. But, like Marco Rubio, in Florida, and JD Hayworth in Arizona, they can win! They just need the support of the REAL Grassroots from across the state, and across this great nation!

I have listed 8 candidates here. There may be more, that I am unaware of at this time. If you know of any, please post their name, and website in the comments section, and I will add them to the list.

Also, if you can, please donate just $10 to each of these candidates. Each one of us, doing a small part, will add up to a HUGE effort. Scott Brown, who just won the Massachusetts Senatorial race, got MOST of his donations from small individual donations. His campaign is proof of what the Grassroots can do when we work together!

Conservative Candidates for Office In Oklahoma

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Comparing the Republican Candidates for Oklahoma Governor

"Republican Party Elephant" logoImage via Wikipedia

We have a choice between 2 very different candidates in the Republican Primary for Oklahoma Governor.

Mary Fallin is a Congresswoman and former Lieutenant Governor.
Randy Brogdon is an Oklahoma State Senator

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