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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

State House Trying To Add Another Toll Road to I-44 in Tulsa

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Our "conservative" Republican Speaker of the House, here in Oklahoma, Chris Benge, has introduced a piece of legislation that should have everyone in the Tulsa area seeing RED!"

Speaker Benge has introduced into committee, HB 3220, which creates a new Turnpike in Tulsa. Here are the details of this bill:

Session of the 52nd Legislature

Bill No.: HB3220

Version: Introduced

Author: Speaker Benge

Date: 2/16/2010

Impact: Pending

Bill Summary

Research Analyst: Brad Wolgamott

The measure authorizes the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority to establish a new turnpike beginning at Interstate 44 near its intersection with 49th West Avenue, past State Highway 64/412, turning northeasterly, crossing 41st West Avenue, and continuing eastward to the L.L. Tisdale Expressway in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

It's time to call a spade a spade! Speaker Benge is a RINO, who has led a GOP Majority in the State House, down the road of a Liberal, Tax and Spend philosophy, which has been no better than the previous, Democrat-led, regime!

He had a Conservative Rating of just 40 for 2009 and a cumulative, Lifetime Rating of just 66! How can this man even call himself a Republican?! We need to let him know what we think of his record, and this bill!

Please, EVERYONE, call his office, 405-557-7430 and tell them that the Tea Party has Representative Benge in the Crosshairs, and unless he pulls this Bill, he will NEVER hold office, as a Republican, in the State of Oklahoma Again!

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