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Monday, February 8, 2010

Randy Brogdon Wins Tulsa County GOP Straw Poll in a Landslide Over Mary Fallin!

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The results of Saturday's Straw Poll are in, and some very INTERESTING Results, indeed!

Now here is the information many people are waiting for. A straw poll results.

The following question was asked concerning the below listed races:

"If the election were held today, who would you vote for...."

U.S. Congress District 1

John Sullivan 52.9%

Nathan Dahm 26.6

Fran Moghaddam 1.5

Undecided 13.3

Not My District 5.7


Randy Brodgon 68.4%

Mary Fallin 23.6

Robert Hubbard 0.8

Undecided 7.2

Lt Governor

John Wright 35.7%

Todd Lamb 22.4

Undecided 41.8

Attorney General

Ryan Leonard 25.9%

Clark Jolley 7.6

Undecided 66.5

State Treasurer

Owen Laughlin 18.3%

Ken Miller 15.6

Undecided 66.2

Superintendent of Public Instruction

Janet Barresi 36.9%

Shawn Hime 6.1

Undecided 57.0

Commissioner of Labor

Tad Jones 18.6%

Jason Reese 11.4

Mark Costello 9.5

Mark Mullin 0.4

Undecided 60.1

State Senate District 34

Tim Coager 16.0%

Rick Brinkley 13.3

Undecided 17.1

Not My District 53.6

State Representative District 68

Howard Pidcock 11.4%

Glen Mulready 8.7

Undecided 20.5

Not My District 59.3

State Representative District 75

Dan Kirby 9.1%

Dennis Adkins 3.0

Undecided 20.9

Not My District 66.9

Tulsa Co. Commissioner District 3

Fred Perry 17.9%

Michael Masters 10.6

Undecided 24.3

Not My District 47.1

A full copy of the survey and straw poll will be posted on the Tulsa County Republican Party web site later this week.

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