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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Glenn Beck & Alex Jones are Two Sides of the Same Coin!

Ok, I KNOW that title will get everyone's attention, and, most likely, really make a lot of you angry! But, hear me out!

Both of them do the same things. They propogate their own personal conspiracy theories. Pounding them daily on their radio shows, and webpages. Backing them up with piles upon piles of "evidence". They are extremely convincing and persuasive. So much so, that each have developed their own, dedicated and loyal followings.

The other thing they both do, is attack any cospiracy theories that they aren't proponents of, especially if the other has championed it. Jones is a loud voice on the 9-11 truth conspiracy side, so Beck automatically attacks it. Beck is on the side if Israel against Iran, so Jones blasts it. Back and forth they go, with their listeners, more and more, opposing eachother over one issue or another, just because their guy said it.

It's a giant "cult of personality", and it's completely counter-productive to the liberty movement!

Now, both of these men are find of conspiracy theories, so I have one! I think both of them are working for the "powers that be" to distract and divide the Liberty movement, and cause us to turn on eachother!

Come on, Patriots, WAKE UP! Do your own digging! Don't just listen your favorite flavor of conspiracy, and close your eyes, ears, hearts, and minds, to the fact that there is more going on out there, and the only way to stop ALL of it, is to put aside our differences, focus on what we do agree on, and use it to take down the enemies of Freedom and Liberty!

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