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Friday, July 31, 2009

Why Congress Doesn't Want Healthcare Reform for Themselves!

Everywhere you turn you can find a liberal Senator or Congressman or Woman, refusing to answer questions about, or flat out saying "NO" to the idea of receiving the same Healthcare that they are trying to ram down our throats!

So, I have to ask "WHY?"

What kind of Healthcare do members of Congress and the Senate receive?

As soon as members of Congress are sworn in, they may participate in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP). The program offers an assortment of health plans from which to choose, including fee-for-service, point-of-service, and health maintenance organizations (HMOs). In addition, Congress members can also insure their spouses and their dependents.

Not only does Congress get to choose from a wide range of plans, but there’s no waiting period. Unlike many Americans who must struggle against precondition clauses or are even denied coverage because of those preconditions, Senators and Representatives are covered no matter what - effective immediately.

And here’s the best part. The government pays up to 75 percent of the premium. That government, of course, is funded by taxpayers, the same taxpayers who often cannot afford health care themselves.Read more:

So, they get GREAT HEALTHCARE!! And then they want to give us this CRAP, that is in the Healthcare Deform Bill! They keep saying it's better than what we have, but that only applies to the 15% or so, who don't coverage, already.

The Healthcare they receive doesn't come with a mandatory "end of life" counseling every 5 years after the age of 65. It also doesn't have provisions making it illegal to "opt-out". They are allowed to pay the doctor out of their own pocket if the want to.

Again, if this plan they are trying to cram down our throats is so good, why don't they have to give up their current coverage, and join the "proletariat" in taking the coverage that is being offered? In fact, they even voted against a plan to simply let the American people opt in to the plan that they have!

When asked questions, this is how they respond!

Our Government is out of control, and we are reaching the breaking point! i beleive that our Founding Father's had a few things to say about out of control Government!


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