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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oklahoma Sovereignty Battle Looming?

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There are rumors flying that the state budget may end up with a shortfall this year, and if so, will have to dip into the "Rainy Day" Fund. In order to do so, the Governor will have to call for an emergency session of our state legislature. If that emargency session is called, that is every Patriot in Oklahoma's Opportunity! Last Session, the House and Senate both passed the Oklahoma Sovereignty Resolution, restating emphatically our 10th Amendendment Rights. Governor Brad Henry VETOED that resloution, but we had enough votes to get the resolution on the ballot for November. However, support for the resolution has been growing, and if we were to call for a reissuing of the resolution, it is believed that there are now enough votes to fully override Gov. Henry's veto.

What this means, is that even if the Federal Government passes the Cap & Trade (BIGGEST TAX INCREASE IN THE HISTORY OF THE PLANET!!) and the Universal Healthcare DEFORM bill, the State Legislature of Oklahoma will have emphatically stated our intent to ignore, as unconstitutional, those laws, and refuse to enforce them inside our borders. If Oklahoma leads the way, other states will follow, and also refuse to enforce these unconstitutional, and statist, laws.

Pay attention Patriots! A HUGE OPPORTUNITY is looming in front of us! When the session is called, we need to be ready, and start bombarding our State Legislature with calls, faxes and emails, calling for another vote on the 1oth Amendment Resolution that was sponsored by Randy Brogdon, and Charles Key!

I will be posting more on this, as news develops! Be Ready! Be Vigilant! Freedom requires actions!

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