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Friday, August 7, 2009

American Liberty Alliance - Oklahoma

I have recently been appointed as the American Liberty Alliance - Oklahoma coordinator, and I want to take a moment to let you all know what the American Liberty Alliance is, and what our role within the Conservative, Free-Market movement is.

About the American Liberty Alliance
Who are we?
The American Liberty Alliance is first and foremost an organization that is focused on promoting other people. It doesn’t exist to be in the spotlight, but rather to help create the spotlight and put other people in it. So for the local activists, ALA provides a national network of other activists as well as the infrastructure to bring national attention to your local issue, not the other way around. The ALA has grown out of other successful grassroots movements. ALA’s founders were an integral part of the #DontGo movement in August 2008 that forced Congress to address bans on offshore drilling. In the Spring of 2009, many of ALA’s founders were leaders in the Tax Day Tea Parties across the country. Having founders from these movements, and others, the American Liberty Alliance’s roots are most definitely grassroots.
The American Liberty Alliance believes there are strong and effective activist groups across the country fighting for limited government and free market principles. That said, we also feel that the free-market movement is lacking in mass collaboration. We believe we can help glue the various pieces of the movement together to create a unified effort.
With regards to our political beliefs… we’re not a political organization; Rather, we’re a free-market minded web infrastructure that is organized by individuals who believe in personal liberties and limited government regulation.
The Mission
Our mission is simple. The American Liberty Alliance strives to provide a place of collaboration for Free Market movements The People The American Liberty Alliance has thousands of volunteers across all 50 states of the union and we’re growing our membership by leaps and bounds. Many who help lead our efforts have worked hard for the movement over the years and deserve much credit. We’ll try to provide this credit through our various web projects and constant flows of content.
The American Liberty Alliance is a place of collaboration for free market movements The American Liberty Alliance was started to fill a void among liberty minded organizations. Somewhere between large national organizations and local activists, there was a gap. Groups seemed too focused on folding activists into their own efforts and not supporting the causes and efforts of the activists themselves. American Liberty Alliance began with that focus in mind – making the local activist a priority and building opportunities and interaction around them. The type of online infrastructure and community we’re building is going to be very important over the next four years. ALA offers something that no one else does, and that’s the willingness to put personalities aside, listen to our members, and focus on the issues important to them. We’re going to engage on a very local level. We’re also going to build the infrastructure so that we can respond very quickly to emerging issues and situations.
Our objective is to provide a place of collaboration for Free Market movements.
We are looking for County and City coordinators for the American Liberty Alliance- Oklahoma, so if you are interested, please join the facebook group and sign up through the website if you feel that you can fill that role. Also, Please list Jai Blevins as the person who referred you, so that I can go to the national conference in September. I can't afford to go, so I have to win the contest! Thanks, Jai Blevins American Liberty Alliance- Oklahoma

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