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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Grassroots vs. the GrassTops

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Former Tulsa City Councilman, and Local Talk Radio Show Host, Chris Medlock, has decided to run for Mayor of Tulsa, again. After a hard fought, and remarkably close campaign against incumbent, and MidTown "old Family Money" guy, Bill LaFortune, in the last Mayor's race, Chris Medlock parlayed his success into a morning Talk show on KFAQ 1170, and became an almost "instant hit" with the "Q" Nation. Chris' populist, yet ultra-conservative, viewpoint, struck a chord with many Tulsans. Now, armed with a better understanding of what it takes to win a Mayor's race, and much wider name recognition, Medlock is back for another go 'round.

When Mayor Kathy Taylor announced that she was not seeking a second term, it through the race WIDE OPEN, and names started popping up all over the place. Democrat State Senator Tom Adelson, former City Councilor Dewey Bartlett, Jr. and 28 yr old entrepreneur Clay Clark were the initial 3 entrants. On July 4th, at the OKforTea Party, with Clay Clark emceeing, Chris Medlock unofficially announced that he was in. Later that week he made the announcement official with a Press Conference at the Tulsa Press Club. Within days, Clay Clark dropped his campaign and endorsed Medlock, saying
"After talking with our supporters and directly to Chris, it has become apparent that Chris and I agree on nearly all the major issues facing Tulsa. I believe that running against Chris would split the truly conservative vote, which would lead to the Mayor Taylor supporting candidate (Mr. Bartlett) being elected, and that would be like voting for Kathy Taylor Part 2."

Clark had been vocal in his stances against Kathy Taylor's running of Tulsa. When Bartlett came out and endorsed her, without knowing any of the Republican candidates for mayor, and then jumped into the race as soon as she was out, Clark issued a statement calling for Bartlett to "change parties, and run as a Democrat".

Now, after the filing period of July 13th-15th has passed, we have a total of 19 candidates. 11 Republicans, 5 Democrats, and 3 Independents. On the Republican side we have,
Anna Falling, David O’Connor, Paul Roales, Michael Tomes, Norris Streetman, Kevin Boggs, John Todd, Nathaniel Booth and Michael Rush. On the Democratic side, we have Robert Gwin Jr., Paul Tay, A. Burns and Prophet Kelly Lamar Clark. And our 3 Independents are Mark Perkins, Cleon Burrell and Lawrence Kirkpatrick.

But, we REALLY still only have 3 candidates, Chris Medlock, the Conservative Republican from South Tulsa, Dewey Bartlett, Jr., the Mid Town RINO (Republican In Name Only) who endorsed the Ultra-Liberal Kathy Taylor, and State Senator Tom Adelson, a typical "tax & spend" Democrat, and another of the Mid Town old money "good ol' boys club" members, like LaFortune, Taylor, and Bartlett. Not that Party affiliation really matters in Tulsa. Like Chris Medlock said in his Interview with the UrbanTulsa Weekly,

"There are two parties in this town, but they're not Republican and Democrat," he said. "You really do have sort of the grassroots and the grasstops in this town."
Well, as far as I am concerned, Chris Medlock is the choice of the GrassRoots! No more being ruled by the "grasstops" Mid Town minority! If you live in Tulsa, VOTE CHRIS MEDLOCK! If you live in the surrounding areas, this still affects you, tell all of your friends & family that live in Tulsa to VOTE FOR MEDLOCK.

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