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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wrong People OUT! RIGHT People In!

San Francisco Tea Party on April Fools Day - 15Image by Steve Rhodes via Flickr

Everyday I talk to someone who is fed up with the "government". But, nobody seems to have any idea what to do about it, other than "throw the bums out!" Well, that's a good place to start, but HOW do we go about doing that? Well, I have an idea.

  1. Get a list of everyone who voted for Bush Bailout (TARP), Stimulus, Housing Bailout 2008, or Housing Bailout 2009. Including Congress, Senate, Governors who accepted the $$, and State Reps & Senators who voted to accept it.
  2. Find out when their seat is coming up for reelection.
  3. Register to Vote as a Republican(can't change the Party from the Inside, if you're on the outside! And you can't complain about the type of candidates they put forth if you don't vote in the Primaries!)
  4. Find a viable, fiscal conservative candidate, and put ALL of the Tea Party resources behind them.
This needs to be done in EVERY DISTRICT IN THE COUNTRY! If the Tea Party Movement wants to actually have an effect, we MUST seek out candidates, instead of railing against "politicians"! There are candidates out there who do have ethics, morals, and a love for the Constitution, capitalism, and the American Dream! Find them! Find the "everyman" who has been inspired by the Tea Party Movement to run for office! Find the business owner, or minister, or construction worker, who has the Courage of Their Convictions, and is fed up with the guy we have in office now, and INVITE them to speak at a Tea Party Rally, or meeting! Have them set up booths to give out information, and meet the people. Give them links on your websites (or even WHOLE PAGES). Don't listen to the Party, and just take whichever candidate they want to cram down your throat! Make the Party listen, and run the person that you really want! It is time to step up, and take back control of our country!

Here are some links to the votes on the Bush Bailout(TARP), Stimulus, Housing Bailout 2008, and Housing Bailout 2009

Is Your Congressman Representing YOU with Their Vote?

And I Ask Again.....
Do YOU Have The Courage Of Your Convictions?
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