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Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Tea Party Platform


Found this posting: which adds an even clearer statement to this!


These are a basis of ideals from many sources, and my own beliefs, that i believe should be the basis of the Tea Party Movement, and thereby, the Platform of whatever party claims to be conservative! (This means YOU GOP!)

  • All forms of government must abide by the boundaries set forth in state and federal constitutions. The 10th Amendment gives the State Legislatures, ALL rights not explicitly granted to the Federal Government. The Sovereignty of the States MUST be upheld!
  • All pork and earmarks in the stimulus, omnibus bills, and bailouts must be reversed and repealed. The national budget must be balanced. Spending cuts, not increased taxation should be used to balance the budget. Excessive national debt is generational theft, and stealing the future of our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We MUST have a Balanced Budget Amendment!
  • Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness implies personal responsibility, not handouts, free-enterprise and capitalism, not government controlled economies. Some people choose to be irresponsible (and of course some fall on hard times due to circumstances), but it is not the responsibility of the general public, vis-a-vis government intervention, to guarantee or bailout irresponsibility and failure. Private individuals and organizations give out of compassion and generosity, not compulsion through taxation, laws, and pork barrel projects. NO MORE SOCIALIST WELFARE STATE PROJECTS!
  • ALL elected and appointed officials are under the employment and serve at the will of We the People. As Abraham Lincoln said, “Government of the People, by the People and for the People”. Neither major political party is “clean” on these issues. Both Democrats and Republicans have taxed excessively and neither have restrained the hand of government effectively. There are certainly individual representatives who have been faithful to their constituents and to the Constitution. However, too many are engaged in protecting their congressional positions and turf. The majority of government officials have insulated themselves from the people they serve, and hold themselves above the law. We are simply saying, “No, you aren’t above the law”. Stay within the Constitution, or we will retire you at the next election. Term Limits for ALL elected officials! NO MORE CAREER POLITICIANS!
  • America's boarder's MUST be protected! The illegal immigration issue must be addressed. NO AMNESTY for illegal immigrants. No more social services for illegal immigrants. Medical treatment in case of emergency only, and then immediate deportation upon recovery. 6 month residency requirement before the child born of a non-US citizen gets automatic citizenship status. No more late term pregnancies crossing the border just to have a child and gain citizenship. NO MORE ANCHOR BABIES!
  • No more dependence on foreign oil! We must start drilling our own oil, and building new refineries, in addition to researching viable alternatives to oil.
  • The Federal Reserve System must be ended, and the entire tax code must be revamped. TAX OUR MONEY ONCE, AND THEN LEAVE US ALONE! No more taxing our wages, taxing our spending, taxing our saving, taxing our living, and taxing our dying!
  • Repeal ALL gun control laws that infringe on the freedoms of LAW ABIDING citizens to bear arms.
  • Put a halt to ALL legislation, that infringes on Freedom of Speech, including, but not limited to the "Fairness Doctrine"
This is the platform that I would like to see. It's not perfect, nor does it cover EVERY hot button issue. But, these are ideals that, I believe, MOST can agree on. I call now for the Republican Party to adopt this platform, or one much like it, now, and quit sitting on the fence!

The gauntlet has been thrown! I ask again,


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