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Friday, May 22, 2009

Strong Conservative Candidates for Office

I am trying to compile a list of Strong Conservative candidates running for office throughout the country. I have added some that I know about to the Widget above.

If you know of any, please leave the info in the comments, including their website, and the name of their opponent for the office they are running for. If they are running against a RINO, or "Mushy Moderate", please add that in the comments as well!
I will add those to the survey on this page!

We need to put the support of the Tea Party behind as many Strong Conservative Candidates as we can.

I found some good links for tracking the Conservative rating of incumbents. Perhaps you can find some more links like these for me to add to this post!

Interesting statistics on US Senators and Representatives, that I found at

Statistics on State Legisators at The Oklahoma Constitution

Based on these statistics, we get a good idea of which currently sitting candidates fit the Tea Party ideals.

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