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Thursday, May 21, 2009

The New Guy and the Old Guard

There is a "new face" on the Tulsa political scene, who is challenging the "status quo", and getting shredded for his efforts. Clay Clark, a successful small business owner, and the Oklahoma SBA Entrepreneur in 2007, has thrown his hat into the race for Tulsa Mayor. He is not a career politician, nor does he want to be. He told me

"I am only running for 1 term, I'm not going to be in there trying to get reelected. I'm going in to fix the problems with our streets, and the lack of Police on our streets."

Clay is a breath of fresh air in the "old boys club" of politics as usual, here in Tulsa. Most of the establishment within the Republican Party, have taken great pains, to either marginalize him as a "goofball", (one even introduced him as DJ Jazzy Clay at a GOP Event), or to attack him for "not understanding" the reasons that Tulsa County is the most taxed county in the state, despite also being the most Republican County in the state! The very party that claims to be about conservative values, like lower taxes and reduced Government spending, is the ones attacking anyone who proposes doing those things! Oh, they come out to the Tea Party Rallies, and say the right things, but behind closed doors, they attack those who actually try to make a stand, like Senator Coburn, State Senator Brogdon, and County Tax Assessor Ken Yazel! These great men, who defend our Constitution, also challenge the hold that these others have on power and money. When someone actually propose a real restoration of power to the people, and real tax reform, and tighter control on Governmental spending, they are shouted down, ridiculed, or have their character attacked.

It's despicable, and makes me want to sever my ties with the GOP!

However, if we are going to effect REAL change, we need to have the name recognition of the GOP, so I propose that EVERYONE who is a liberty loving, TEA PARTY going, American Patriot, go register as a Republican, show up at EVERY party meeting and Club, VOTE in the primaries, and make them take us seriously!

No matter what the GOP may say, they DO NOT know what is best for us, or the Party. We the People, need to let them know that WE are in charge now!


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