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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tulsa Tea Party Speakers

Here is the list of speakers for the teaparty events, so far. 

John Gibson, National Talk Show Host, heard 12-2 Monday- Friday on KFAQ 1170am, is confirmed for the Downtown Event!! He will be doing both his radio show, as well as, cut ins for Fox News!

Pat Campbell from KFAQ 1170am in Tulsa, will be emceeing the Downtown Event.

Elvis Polo from KFAQ 1170am in Tulsa, will be live from the Veterans park Event.

Chris Medlock formerly of KFAQ, and will be at both events.

Sally Bell, the Tulsa County Republican Party Chair will be at both events.

JB Alexander, the Tulsa County Republican Party Vice-Chair will be at both events.

Tim Coager, Republican candidate for State Senate, from Owasso, will be at both events. 

Collin Hughes, Tulsa County Head of Americans for Prosperity, will be at both events.

State Senator, and rumored GOP candidate for Governor, Randy Brogdon will be at the Veteran's Park event from 5-7pm

Jason Carini Oklahoma Organizer for the American Majority, will be at Veteran's Park.

And, it is possible that some other groups will have speakers as well, like OKSAFE, the 9-12 project, and the Heritage foundation, We the People Congress, and more!

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