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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tulsa Tax Day Tea Parties A Huge Success!!

The Tax Day Tea Parties had a fantastic turnout yesterday! Crowd estimates totaled about 7000 between the three locations! 

The Downtown Tea Party at the County Courthouse Plaza was about 2100, with John Gibson from Fox News Headlining the speakers, and KFAQ's Pat Campbell as the emcee.

The La Fortune Park Tea Party had approximately 3200, with Joe Kelley from KRMG acting as emcee, and Congressman John Sullivan headlining.

The Veteran's Park Tea Party had about 1700, with KFAQ's Bruce Delay as emcee, and State Senator Randy Brogdon headlining.

All three events were terrific, grassroots built protests, with many speakers, most of which are just everyday citizens, who have decided that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!

Special thanks goes out to Cris Kurtz, for heading up the La Fortune Park Tea Party, Tricia La Count, for handling the administration, and fundraising for both the Downtown, and Veteran's Park Tea parties, Nancy Parsons, for handling the "Voice of the People" emails, Bland Bridenstine, for handlng the organizing  of the Photography (go to to see photos, or post your own), Crystal Simmons, for handling website duties and design, Jane Whitby, & Dawn Blevins for handling sign ups for the email list, Scott Wheeler for transporting our stage to and from the events, Tristan LaCount for playing our "all wet" IRS man, and Jumpman Party Rentals for donating the Dunk Tank.

There were countless others, who donated their time, money, and abilities, whom I don't personally know, but all deserve a hearty "thank you!"

It was my privilege to be a part of the Tulsa Tea Party, and I can't wait to see what happens at the next one! 

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