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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jihadist Terror Attack in Little Rock!

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A heinous act of terrorism was committed in Little Rock, Arkansas on Monday June 1, 2009. Just one say after the horrible, and indefensible murder of late-term abortionist Geroge Tiller in Kansas.

The Obama Administrations Reaction to the Tiller murder was swift, and unflinching. US Attorney General Eric Holder issued the following Statement:

The murder of Doctor George Tiller is an abhorrent act of violence, and his family is in our thoughts and prayers at this tragic moment. Federal law enforcement is coordinating with local law enforcement officials in Kansas on the investigation of this crime, and I have directed the United States Marshals Service to offer protection to other appropriate people and facilities around the nation. The Department of Justice will work to bring the perpetrator of this crime to justice. As a precautionary measure, we will also take appropriate steps to help prevent any related acts of violence from occurring.

And, I agree that, until the person, or persons, involved in this horribly misguided act, are brought to justice, taking these precautions is warranted.

However, the next day, two volunteer Army Recruiters were gunned down by a man who had spent time in prison, and converted to Islam. The man responsible traveled to Yemen, for no apparent reason (terrorist training?), and returned to the US, and armed with maps of Recruiting stations, Jewish Synagogues, and the like. he then drove up to the US Army Recruiting station, and opened fire on the unarmed, and unsuspecting Private William Long, and Private Quinton Ezeagwula. Private Long died of his wounds, and Private Ezeagwula was hospitalized.

The Obama Administration has issued NO STATEMENT, regarding this obvious act of terrorism. While the left LOUDLY calls for the retirement of Bill O'Reilly for his consistent verbal attacks on George Tiller's practice, they have studiously avoided even mentioning the Little Rock Recruiter Killings! Why is O'Reilly's rhetoric to blame for the Tiller murder, and Keith Olberman's acerbic diatribe's against the War in Iraq, completely ignored as a possible cause of the Recruiter Killings?

As usual, TV and radio hosts only incite bad behavior when there is an isolated screwball, who calls himself a conservative, that does something horrible. But, when a terrorist does what they always do, "we are still researching a motive."

This is just another in the litany of examples of the Leftist Agenda, to push their Humanist Ideas, and ignore anything that might contradict their preconceived thoughts.

I for one, am praying for the families of the victims in both of these cases. And praying that the perpetrators of these crimes BOTH get the MAXIMUM PENALTY UNDER THE LAW, for their horribly evil acts!

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