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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What Law did the AIG Bonus Recipients Break?

I was listening to the Glenn Beck Radio show this morning, and he replayed an interview he did on the TV program with the Attorney General of the State of Connecticut Richard Blumenthal. This guy is going after the AIG bonus recipients, and trying to take the money that they earned under contract thru AIG. These contracts were signed and paid in the State of New York, but he is going after them based on the fact that they were paid in Connecticut. Now, I'm not a lawyer, or interstate commerce expert, but I do believe that monies that are crossing state line like this, would be under Federal jurisdiction, NOT the State of Connecticut.

However, that is not the REAL issue here! The real issue, is he is goiong after these bonuses on the basis of the people who recieved them did not "deserve" them. When asked what Law they had broken, that prompted the Attorney General's office to go after them, Mr Blumenthal COULD NOT NAME ONE SINGLE LAW that they had broken, that he could use to force them to return the bonuses! This is another example of the Radical Leftists war on  achievement, and the Main Stream Media's class baiting to build anger amongst the masses at those who earn more money! 

While I may agree that the bonuses paid do not seem commensurate with the productivity of these executives and salesmen, the fact remains that they all have LEGALLY BINDING CONTRACTS that paid them these bonuses based upon certain incentives met. Whether I agree that they should have been able to earn these bonuses while the business failed, does not change that fact!  

I think EVERYONE should email the Connecticut Attorney General's office, and tell them to quit trying to artificially control how much a business can pay their employees. Tell him to keep the government out of private business!

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