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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cape Coral Florida Cancels TeaParty!!

This is an outrage! The city of Cape Coral Florida has, in effect, cancelled the Tea Party scheduled there, by requiring that the organizers take out an Insurance policy to protect the city from damages that may be caused if "too many" people show up for the protest! By requiring the event coordinator to take out insurance, they are basically saying that the right to "peaceful assembly"  & "redress of grievances" is only allowed if you have fewer than 500 people show up. But, if you have more than that, then you must take out an insurance policy against what others might do!

If the City of Tulsa tries to pull this on us, WE WILL GO AHEAD WITH OUR RALLY ANYWAY! If they want to arrest me, then so be it! I do not lack the courage of my convictions, and i am willing to stand in the face of Government Bureaucracy that violates my Constitutional right to peaceful Assembly!

And THAT is my rant about THAT!!

By the way, I think we should blow up their phone lines with angry calls from all across the country! Here is a link to the Cape Coral City Council Phone #s list 

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