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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fat Cat Dinner with JC Watts and the Oklahoma GOP

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A conversation I had with Oklahoma GOP Chairman Gary Jones about the “FAT CAT” dinner with JC Watts for the “Get Out the Vote 2010” kickoff. Here are the details of the dinner. Prior to my first comment, the prices were Diamond $5000, Gold $2500, Silver - $1000. Dinner & Reception $125 or $250 per couple. After my first comment, they added a $50 for dinner only listing, as well. Same old Party politics Status Quo!

My First Comment:
These high priced dinners, as usual, are geared to
exclude, the grassroots, and cater to the wealthy & powerful, who continue
to usurp the power and control of the Party from "We the People!" As usual, I
will NOT be attending this, or any other events like it!

I then received this message from Gary Jones, not in the comment
thread, but via direct email:
September 27 at 8:26am
We do have opportunities for grassroots
activist to attend events. The cost is based on actual cost per meal. In fact
the only money we might make is from those who pay the higher price. In addition
we try to reward volunteering as well.

September 27 at 10:10am
The Actual cost per meal?!?!? Are
you kidding me!? I was a catering manager at an upscale restaurant for years.
The only meals that have a cost of $125 per plate are designed specifically to
eliminate the average Joe from attending the event. Gary, I don't buy your
answer. Events like these are the reason most people don't trust the Party
leadership, and believe that both Parties only listen to Big $$ donors.The only
time you guys listen to the Grassroots, is A) you're not in power, and you're
trying to win back some votes, or B) We get so loud that you fear us!Well, it's
time to fear us, because we are gunning for a complete takeover of the party
infrastructure. The Status Quo is no longer acceptable!

September 27 at 10:33am
$125!The cost is $50. $30 meal cost
plus 28% taxes and gratuity plus misc. cost to put on the event As far as
fearing you. I have no fear of you at all. I would be more than happy to have an
open an honest debate on the isuues anytime. I have been a grassroots activist
for decades before you ever came on the scene.

Is anyone else sick of the way the Parties treat the average Joe who does not, or can not contribute large sums of money to whichever candidate they tell us to vote for?

Well, the answer is simple.

No, not a third party.......

A COMPLETE TAKEOVER OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY! The GOP leadership is weak, and waffling closer and closer to the left. The line between the upper leadership in the GOP and the DNC is becoming blurred! But, we CAN do something about it! Call your County GOP HQ, and find out where YOUR precinct meeting is held, and who the precinct chair is. If there isn’t one, start holding the precinct meeting in your home, and invite ALL of your Grassroots Costitutionalist friends. Vote in one of you as Precinct Chair. That person automatically becomes a Delegate to the County Party Convention. Once we have control over the Precincts, we can take the County Chair. Once we have the majority of county Chairs we can take the State Chair. And, with control of the States, we can take over the National Convention! All we need to do is be willing to sacrifice a little bit of time, and we can take back our Party, and our Country!


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